Outstanding products

We serve our customers’ every wish and desire through the pulse-quickening performance of Jaguar and the tranquillity and luxury of Land Rover. Whether we’re going above and beyond with Land Rover or celebrating the art of performance with Jaguar, our purpose is clear: we will always deliver experiences customers will love, for life.

Smarter, safer, cleaner technology

Premium mobility is already at the core of our business and the advent of autonomy, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility (ACES) won’t change this. We’re using these new enabling technologies to make cars safer, free up people’s valuable time, improve mobility and enhance the customer experience.

Leading in environmental innovation

To be a truly sustainable business, we consider both the vehicles we produce and every aspect of the process that goes into manufacturing them. We are determined to minimise our impact on the environment, our people and on the world’s precious raw materials.

Engaged, passionate people

Our business is driven by passionate people who design, develop and manufacture cars that our customers love. Answering the industry’s need for skills, we invest more than £100 million a year in the lifelong learning of our people, as well as inspiring the engineers of tomorrow.

A portrait of Prof. dr. Ralf d. Speth
Today, we offer our customers the most luxurious and sustainable portfolio in our history. Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles represent a compelling combination of British design and engineering integrity.

Prof. dr. Ralf d. Speth, chief executive officer

Performance highlights

Retail sales

614,309 units

Fiscal 2016/17 - 604,009



Fiscal 2016/17 - £24.3bn

Profit before tax


Fiscal 2016/17 - £1.6bn

Operating cash flow before investment


Fiscal 2016/17 - £3.6bn

investment spending


Fiscal 2016/17 - £3.4bn

Number of retailers


Fiscal 2016/17 - 2,726